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CLICK LINK 🌐ABOVE ICON 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 V-strength is the emblem name given to shell's more suitable high specification fuels for road motor vehicles which includes shell v-strength nitro+ and shell v-strength diesel. Delivered in italy in 2001, shell relaunched the gas in march 2008, beneath the call nitrogen-enriched shell v-strength, with nitrogen-containing detergents. Initially used for higher octane brilliant unleaded petrol/fuel (formerly called optimax in some areas), it's miles now additionally used for excessive specification diesel fuel. V-power used to have a ninety five ron rating, even though officials from shell stated it efficiently had a ninety seven ron score. Due to the restricted categories of 92 ron, ninety five ron, ninety eight ron and a hundred ron, it became officially rated at ninety five. These days, the ron rating of the v-energy petrol in the netherlands is rated at 98 Keywords: petrol diesel fuel ron octane rating shell specification fuels nitro