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    Each is authentically 1/1, no generator or AI, purely hand-made with 3 preset poses, Front, Left, and Right, 3500X3500 HD Perfect for all PFP resize on any platform, Free of use upon Purchase. All of the designs are original, with no fan art. All that's left is for you to create the story for them. A sandbox PFP Anime Themed NFT. Our Vision: To tell a story based on the picture, To really put “ A Picture speaks a thousand words” into a literal sense, You own it you have the right to make the story however you pleased. Plan: - This is connected to our OG Poster Collection on OS, so The plan is the same, Clothing brand + Web animation. Holders From OpenSea will get a free mint (of their choice) from this Collection. The website is under construction, will post an update on Twitter.