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Kymri is a world with 3D avatars, houses, cars and X. They come from drawing, paintings or just move out from the nature, the flame, the table ... I see them everywhere. Kymri Stumps are 3D avatars made of stumps. Info when buying code: In Unlockable Content is a PDF with contents from files used (.x3d, readme.txt and images) . They are stored in Arweave and you got a link to download the files. The X3DOM code is free to be used. For information about X3DOM see

Monster X3DOM Haaland Gesture



code - X3DOM


3D animation



This is the x3dom code and images used for animate Monster is going out the stump and doing Haaland Gesture. The 3D file format is x3d. Monster Stump is from the same stump as Ramme Stump and Romine Stump. Monster is a big fan of Erling Braut Haaland a Norwegian soccer player. Monster tries to be as good as Haaland and imitates his movements. Monster Stump is a Kymri Stump. Kymri Stumps are 3D avatars created from stumps. I see them everywhere and takes pictures. I use X3DOM . See If you want any 3D Print, I can create in .x3d format. Just ask. The price depends on which license is desired for the selected NFT-Token. The X3DOM code will be stored in in the unlockable content asa zip file. 3D fileformat is x3d. How to test a Stump avatar in a browser. 1. If you are testing on your own computer, you have to do this to avoid cors problem * Start CMD write cd C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application chrome.exe --user-data-dir="C:/Chrome dev session" --disable-web-security 2.Write in your browser file:///C:/ ? /rominestump/stump.html 3. Play :) *** Using MIT licence from 27 sep 2022

Monster X3DOM Haaland Gesture

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