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These NFTs are cursed. Luckily, there are only 104 of them, so there won't be that many victims. // A limited collection of 104 fully unique NFTs, based on Welcome to Shipsgrave, a Lovecraftian anthology of illustrated short stories by nashotobi. // Every Shipsgrave NFT holder can request a free digital copy of the book! // Generative sub-collection launch soon with ~13$ mint! Join us!

Story #34


"The lighthouse is cursed. People who enter it rarely come out, and if they do, it's often days or even weeks later. The few of them who could still speak said that inside it is a labyrinth. Some of them still aren't sure if they really found their way out of it, or if the Liehouse lets them think they did, and they are still trapped in it."
Story #34
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