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Revolutionary ART for Evolutionary times... The art pieces in AI Organics Series 1 were generated using "text to image" or phrases given to the AI engine. Each piece was hand picked out of many works to curate the most visually interesting NFT collection. Each NFT in this collection features a Darkblock containing a Certificate of Authorization that only the owner can view via their wallet.

Violet Fire #106







AI Organics Series 1

AI Organics Series 1 - Violet Fire #106
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Violet Fire #106
License: Pub/NonComm
Mintedon SolSea
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Unverified NFT - please check everything before you buy
Doublecheck everything before you buy!How to spot fakes?
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Royalties on secondary sales: 20 %
Listed by: 6tkj...5Bdm
Mint address: E9qC...YwY4
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