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Steel plow 550

With the continuous improvement of productivity, iron plows can no longer satisfy the development of MetaLand productivity, steel plows were born, and the suitable plough depth for steel plows is 16-30 cm. Steel plough is suitable for light and medium soil with less surface residues, has good soil turning, soil crushing and mulching performance, and extremely high production efficiency.


Steel plow 550

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MetaLand is an open and shared digital national ecosystem. Players from all over the world can participate. In the immersive game experience, they will continue to build their own country through the five historical stages of development, pioneering, construction, urbanization, and modernization. The ecosystem network continues to expand, the ecological civilization continues to develop, and the value of players gradually realizes compound interest growth. At the beginning of development, the universe was in chaos. After many times of evolution and civilization evolution, MetaLand, a new continent in the meta-universe, was discovered by the brave and brave Metaman, and they became the first batch of original inhabitants of the meta-universe. In the new continental territory and universe time and space, Metaman started from scratch, building a brand-new world system and universe kingdom, opening the stage of survival and development.

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