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Verified collection

The Flippies are stored forever on Solana and Arweave (a permanent decentralized data storage protocol). Each Flippie is generated from over 50 attrib ...Read more

Optimistic Noether

39.00 SOL

Zen Mahavira

420.00 SOL

Determined Wright

30.00 SOL

Musing Kapitsa

150.00 SOL

Competent Newton

40.00 SOL

Tender Galileo

35.00 SOL

Wizardly Poincare

120.00 SOL

Heuristic Fermi

79.00 SOL

Pedantic Austin

20.00 SOL

Sad Torvalds

40.00 SOL

Loving Jepsen

25.00 SOL

Quirky Shockley

10.00 SOL

Nervous Blackwell

420420.00 SOL

Cranky Hamilton

60.00 SOL

Upbeat Sammet

5500.00 SOL

Thirsty Kalam

20.00 SOL

Festive Chatterjee

15.00 SOL

Jolly Shaw

4999.00 SOL

Affectionate Panini

420.00 SOL

Distracted Visvesvaraya

42.00 SOL

Elastic Blackwell

25.00 SOL

Focused Johnson

6.00 SOL

Vibrant Wing

500.00 SOL

Competent Mcnulty

25.00 SOL