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PROFIL Harry Bartlett Fenney painter; born in the village of Leagrave in Bedfordshire, England; attended Dunstable School. Then apprenticeship in the local car factory, and training as a draftsman; moved to London working as an industrial graphic designer; always painted in his spare time; and exhibitions for example in the 1980s at the Century Gallery, Henley, figurative works and landscapes; he then developed the abstract forms he took art lessons from Dolly Taylor in the 1950s and attended Bridget Riley's life drawing class at Croydon Tech in 1960, (before she became world famous) he has lived for more than twenty years in Collinee, France, and enjoys his life in this town very much; self-built his current home and studio on green land commencing in 2005 The biggest influences are early 20th century painters and writers, eg Klee, Leger, Pound and many others, and later Pop Art of course. His current work is abstract, as he believes that this form makes the process of subconscious creation possible. CREDO " when one finally realises one is an artist and gives into this and accepts the fact; like when the ugly duckling finds out he is a swan ! ; then from thereon, every mark made on paper, canvas or panel, however small, varied, large, simple, or complicated--- is a work of art, by definition and indisputable!! whether it springs from the intuition or the intellect or even both "