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    Jimjams Journey


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    This is my signature collection. It will track my journey into art. It's a search, an exploration, a mission. I will track here my progression, my steps. I may drop just one milestone, or a short serie. I will go forward, I may step back sometimes. Those steps are also seeds. Most will not have followups, other could. I set me free to do what I like, I feel, I want, even walking on the path without goal. This collection will be spread, so I will have one track on OpenSea Polygon, one on SolSea Solana, one on a Tezos marketplace. When I will drop a piece on OpenSea, I will also drop on SolSea and Tezos. Not the same, but sisters. You will see. All pieces will be 1/1. Seldomly, if I feel the need and people want it, a dedicated collection could born from those seeds. Logo, banner, featured image will change while I change. Welcome to my journey. Be ready, it will be a bit weird but interesting.