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    Painting has the power to enchant us. Its image encapsulated in a NFT is still extraordinary. Flowing Magic is one of the 5 themes of James Arax’s paintings in (The website will open at the beginning of September 2022). The Flowing Magic collection will total a maximum of 500 NFTs. Each nft is associated with a physical work from the website. The others collections are Flowing paintings, Flowing Muse, Flowing Cloud, Flowing Forest. Flowing Magic brings together special works that evoke dreams and appeal to the viewer's imagination. The memory of an opening evening in the cellars of Pommery in Reims in the "Champagne" series, the atmospheres of theater in the "Lustre Grand siècle" and "Curtain Raiser" series, but also architectures and landscapes in the "City of Arax" and "Magic Mountain" series.