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    Solana Beaglemania


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    "Solana Beaglemania" Original Verified by all Marketplaces this Time have Original Artwork Minted all in Solana Blockchain, this Awesome Project has recognized NTFs As a Completely Original masterpiece. (@NFTbeaglemania on Twitter , and @BeaglemaniaNFT on IG ) The Solana Beaglemania collection is unique based on my own nice Beagle, its 36 x 36 generative pixels, all made in 10 layers and Minted in the Solana Blockchain, (some of the collection´s supply will be at Max 1500 Original NFTs). Solana Beaglemania Metadata is stored on amazing permanent decentralized data storage Solana. Each beagle is created one by one, by our successful artist on our Studio, (@ideasingenioNTF with more that 50k Followers in Twitter), All the pieces are Original. Also on the project we like to make The world Better with philanthropic contributions, and because it is a Special collection almost our 20% of the profit will be dedicate to abandoned Pets. A short term goal of the Team is to become Solana Beaglemania Top 5 on Solana NTFs, We are Lifestyle.