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    A womans story that backed up for a country just because she is a woman, discrimination in middle age comes for men in this age, love should be comprimesed of course I wont let go that easy, ego subducts me in order to fight this cause this is the weapon that used against me, not that I am against the moon moon that backfired on me cause I love a good story, I can guarentee myself that this story is gonna be a perfect one. Its backfired cause the power cannot be about me, I sold my first story for people and you know what things turned out great cause I learnt that this world indeed have justice that succeed by law even if stays in the dark it illuminates it, not that I twist because I want to hurt I use the odds for information, and I can hear them you know that I love scripts all I want it to be a script writer its my ultimate dream its not that I am a gang member or a child hunter or a child raiser I did because I was hurt and thats where I will end this story and see if it work.