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    NFT O2 An investment for your future and for the planet! 🌍 By purchasing this NFT, you are contributing to the health of our planet. Each NFT represents one square meter of a real forest that produces oxygen and absorbs CO2 every day, there is an NFT for each square meter. 1️⃣ Oxygen: Each NFT guarantees the production of a specific amount of oxygen (0,0060274 kg) every day, equivalent to that produced by one square meter of forest. 2️⃣ CO2: In addition, each NFT contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Every day, a specific amount of CO2 (0,00273973 kg) is absorbed, equivalent to that fixed by one square meter of forest. 🌱 Important note: By purchasing this NFT, you are not buying the forest itself. The forest remains the property of its rightful owner. What you are buying is an NFT that represents the production of oxygen and the absorption of CO2 from one square meter of that forest. 🖼️ You can display this NFT on your website or on your social media to show your commitment in the fight against climate change and for a greener future. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our unique NFT project. Each NFT also contributes to the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment. With the funds raised from this project, we aim to increase the number of indigenous plants in the area, enriching the forest’s biodiversity. But that’s not all. We’re also planning to create a nature trail within the forest, complete with informative points explaining the local fauna and flora. This is more than just an investment in an NFT. It’s an investment in our planet, in its diverse ecosystems, and in our future. By purchasing an NFT, you’re taking a stand against climate change and showing your commitment to a greener future. Join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can make a difference. Purchase your Oxygen & CO2 NFT today and become a part of this incredible project! 🌍🌱