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This is a hand-drawn digital art collection of a life being called ‘Glupplue’ and his world. When my daughter is born, I started to draw a picture book with oil pastel for her. One day I draw inspirationally and one being appeared on the paper. It was Glupplue. I draw the world where Glupplue lives. Welcome to Glupplue’s world!

Glupplue world 0008



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2048 x 2048



Body and mouth



Source of love


Light ring

"Glupplue world 0008" - Source of love / [Message] Love spins. Your love is spinning. Your love's spin is generating love. Your love's spin resonates with everything in the universe and activates each love frequency within. You are the center of love, the source of love in the universe. / 2048 x 2048 / jpeg / Hand-drawn on Procreate / The collection “Glupplue’s world” is 100%-originally created by Japanese healer, artist, Koichi Toyama. / Glupplue resonates with your happiness & joy, or your essence.

Glupplue world 0008

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