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This is a hand-drawn digital art collection of a life being called ‘Glupplue’ and his world. When my daughter is born, I started to draw a picture book with oil pastel for her. One day I draw inspirationally and one being appeared on the paper. It was Glupplue. I draw the world where Glupplue lives. Welcome to Glupplue’s world!

Glupplue world 0001



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5400 x 7200px / jpeg / hand-drawn on procreate I connected the vibration of Bhuvaneshvari in a meditative state, and I received this vision. In this drawing, Glupplue is playing in the world of Bhuvaneshvari vibration. I also received the message from the vision as follows. [Message received from this vision] Rising. Rising from stillness. Everything starts to be active. Everything starts to be alive. It is like turning on switches of all life forms. Everything starts at an accelerated pace. All the energy that was in the hold state begins to dissolve at an accelerated pace. Dissolving of energy. Dissolving of energy. Dissolving of energy. Then, all energy states shift from being held to being released.

Glupplue world 0001

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