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Welcome to the most brutal sport in the galaxy! These are the players. For Season 2, I've designed 50 one-of-a-kind NFTs drawn by talented artist Christosign (Insta) who I love working with. Novelette and Paperback to soon. Find out more at In the year 2279, Solanaball is King. The rules of the sport are simple. Your power glove lets you pull the ball toward you and push it to pass. To score a goal (worth five points), one must aim the ball at the aeromar, a narrow slot suspended twenty metres above the centre of the end goal line. If you score, you get to add extra points via a kick (worth one point). A section of the glove contains the triameter, which holds the small ball securely while the magnetic pulse within the triameter both attracts the ball and keeps it safe. Only a heavy blow can knock the ball loose. Sensor pads throughout the club uniforms meant that a blow or jolt to any part of the body will register, so the glove-arm doesn't have to be specifically targeted. Sensor pads were introduced soon after the sport’s conception, the removal of a player’s arm from his socket ringing alarm bells with the Solanaball governing committee. The participants include humans and a swag of mythical creatures. It’s not ballet – it’s Solanaball!











Jayne, human (barely according to some), is the captain of the Vipers, a team known for dirty tactics and winning at any cost. A talented player and kicker, Jayne is a clever tactician and skilful player. While his players often get sent off, Jayne gives the orders then denies he ever gave them. Once called a 'cheat' by Lawler, the Vipers and the Renegades are rivals. Jayne likes to blow purple bubbles on the field as he chews his gum and exploits every rule he can. He enjoys trading crypto and his collection of firearms.
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