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On a warm day in July 2021 I went to say goodbye to my friend, as I was leaving LA for b-school. He made me cookies, and we saw the sunset together. This is a collection inspired by what I saw that day, with references to the way Monet painted the same scene at different times of day.

Hollywood Landscape




Building Outline

Yellow and White


Pink Pastels

Extra Features

Heart-Shaped Birds

Before leaving Los Angeles for university, my friend made me cookies. Then, we saw the sunset on his rooftop. Here, I captured the energy I felt while seeing the sun's rays illuminate my hometown. I changed the hues to be pinker in this landscape and added birds. Throughout the city, there are usually pigeons. The hearts signify the connections people make when they are together, whether it be friendships, relationships, or family. We are all connected.
Hollywood Landscape
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