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Within us burns a fire, not mere flame, but a vital embodiment of our existence. It's an amalgamation of passion, ideas, desires, persistence, love, and will. This blaze fuels our identity and liberates us to be what we dream. This relentless inferno offers fulfillment, inspiration, and well-being. It is our unyielding beacon we refuse to extinguish - the testament of our spirit.

Mother Indestructible Protection


This drawing is an ode to nurturing and to mothers. It's a tribute to the Virgin Mary, to Mother Earth, to the Great Mother, and to our earthly mothers. It celebrates the gifts of creation and nurturing that we carry within ourselves, but also pays homage to those learning how to find the mother within themselves, to become their own parent and caregiver - which in my opinion, represents the pinnacle of self-love.

Mother Indestructible Protection

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