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The Yoruba Gods NFT project tells a powerful story of Africanism, but this time, the focus is on the Yorùbá culture. YG NFT 1.0: 5 out of the great 401 Yorùbá gods, here to remind YOU though flawed and human, YOU are perfect and a god, look within, all that YOU seek is inside YOU, Only IF YOU are ready. ARE YOU READY TO STEP TO YOUR GOD?

Sango Rhythm is a Dancer #10




Dancing and drumming are the mediums through which contact with Sango is initiated. According to the Yoruba tradition, he is worshiped on the fifth day of the week, which is named Ojo Jakuta. His ritual worship foods include guguru, bitter cola, àmàlà, and gbegiri soup. Also, He is worshiped with the Bata drum. One significant thing about this god (deity) is that he is worshiped using red clothing, just as He is said to have admired red attire during his lifetime. Sango Rhythm is a Dancer #10

Sango Rhythm is a Dancer #10

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