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The collection of Dr. SOL NFTs from "2022 is Gonna Be SOL Cool" event presented by Project Galaxy, featuring 27 protocols in the Solana universe.

01 2022 SOL Cool NFT



01 2022 SOL Cool NFT

**Deposit ≥ $10 and trade ≥ $100 USDC on any market!** - Create a 01 margin account - Deposit at least $10 worth of collateral - Trade at least $100 on any market. (Opening and closing a position counts) **Additional reward:** - 1,000,000 $ZO tokens will be distributed to randomly selected eligible participants who have completed their 01 tasks, at token genesis. - *US participants will receive an equivalent amount in USDC instead The snapshots will be taken daily. The last one will be taken by Feb 24 2022, 0700 PST
01 2022 SOL Cool NFT
License: None attached
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