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Light Ships Collection is a unique and exclusive digital Illustration that is hand-drawn. Playing with light shapes and geometric forms 111 light ships were born. This Collection consists of 10 illustrations, each illustration is going to have 11, where the first 10 tokens are the still image and the number 11 is the rare token of an animation of the ship.

Theehouse B-53 011


6 rooms


Purple Sky


The Treehouse B-53 is a ship like no other It is equipped with everything you need to travel through the Solana blockchain. With 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, study and living room you will be more than comfortable with this beautiful tree house. His specialty is traveling overland at speeds of up to 300 kph with hydraulic hyperdrive and automatic driving you can get where you want in seconds. It has a unique defense mechanism where if you travel at night and need to rest, you activate the "tree house" mode where it will store its wheels and with two automatic claws, it will climb the trees to the height you want, protecting you from possible enemies and wild animals. This is a digitally hand-drawn illustration with a size of 1920x1080. Created by Joha Art Studio.

Theehouse B-53 011

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