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Consistency is the literal key to creating value. Song will be dropped weekly. Every song comes with 5 shares with prices that vary and unlock-able content which includes: 15% of all master streaming royalties(3% for each holder), VIP concert tickets for long-term holders(physical/digital), surprise apparel drops, secret airdrops, access to exclusive Discord chat, scavenger hunts etc. The more shares you hold, the more income you will receive overtime.





Oftentimes, people give their unwanted opinion in a situations and call it advice. This can be dangerous if you allow the wrong person speak things over your life. But the key is that even through this, you do not allow it to stop you from being your best self. Many of us can relate to this in so many ways so I decided to make a song about it. This is 1 of the 5 shares that is available for this song.


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