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In this collection I have collected my best works, winners and finalists of prestigious international competitions, exhibitions and salons. Since I am the current author, this section will be constantly updated as I continue my success in my work.

Battle for the harvest


Geometrically correct picture of wheat harvesting is not the result of the desire of farmers for an ideal view from a drone, but the desire to meet the deadlines for grain harvesting. They have only 14 days a year to do this, and a number of combines start so that they can quickly harvest wheat without losing a single ear. Everything is calculated literally by the minute, and even a tractor with a barrel of diesel fuel does not lag behind this company. This photo won the international competition 35 AWARDS 2019 and became one of the 100 best photos of the year, in 2021 it won the competition "My Planet. Russia in Detail", in 2022 entered the final of the competition of the Russian Geographical Society, entered many catalogs and was successfully demonstrated at exhibitions.

Battle for the harvest

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