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These NFTs are cursed. Luckily, there are only 104 of them, so there won't be that many victims. // A limited collection of 104 fully unique NFTs, based on Welcome to Shipsgrave, a Lovecraftian anthology of illustrated short stories by nashotobi. // Every Shipsgrave NFT holder can request a free digital copy of the book! // Generative sub-collection launch soon with ~13$ mint! Join us!

Story #4


"I've never seen fish falling from the sky before, but here in Shipsgrave these fish rains are quite common. They say that once a whole whale fell on the town hall and got impaled on the clock tower. Usually, though, it’s nothing that a sturdy umbrella can't handle."
Story #4
License: Pub/NonComm
Mintedon SolSea
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Mint address: 7iFG...n4KC
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