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In a distant future Bad AI's take control of genetics and space travel, one AI start the merging of humanoids and some other mammal genes as lions to "boost" vision, smell, strength and for the only reason of gathering data so this BAD AI every day becomes stronger feeding itself with DATA.

Lion Punk King






Lion Punk King that fought against Invisible, invincible AI. Lion King Punk humanoid smoking some post-human cigarette with nutrients needed to survive due to his biological limitations, this lion humanoid was created by a BAD AI combining human and lion genes to “improve” senses and brain if this lion punk doesn’t obey the bad AI the futuristic cigarette will not work and will lost his life. Owning this NFT rewards you with 3% more tokens on Serpent Academy, a free academy of Science and Tech.

Serpent Academy

Lion Punk King

License: Pub/NonComm
Mintedon SolSea
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