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The Solarians is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFT's on the Solana blockchain. Every Solarian is singular. They have super powers. Solarians can: cause love, cause fire, steal your heart or even better your crypto. Solarians is my journey of character creation, my mission evolve the technique to create a beautiful Solarian.

Solarian proportions









High Alpha Solarian 33

Solarian proportions, harmony, precision, design, beauty Solarians metaverse a videogame when Solarians are the most advanced civilization. Owning this Solarian NFT gives you 10% more $serpent token rewards on A solana token that will be transfer to people that take free science lessons on Serpent academy Solarians are super powerful, from a far away Galaxy they have built the greatest civilization. It's my journey to master character creation, in each Solarian I do my best to become a better artist. You help me in my journey. Female heroines

Serpent Academy

Solarian proportions

License: Pub/NonComm
Mintedon SolSea
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Royalties on secondary sales: 10 %
Mint address: 8bVQ...UmKb
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