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Ginevra Giovannoni (Italy, 1989), also known as RAME 13, is an Italian painter, illustrator and street artist currently based in Livorno. The artist graduated at the Academy of Visual and Digital Arts in Florence (Italy) and took a bachelor degree in Philosophy at Pisa University (Italy). For this occasion the artist presents a limited edition of the triptych The Ancestral, The Omniscient and The Mother, to be sold exclusively through PINNA VERSO and as NFT. Questioning the relationship between mankind and nature, and the most primitive spiritual needs that characterize it, Rame 13' women dialogue with our subconscious and lead the way for a different femininity. Deeply influenced by folkloristic and cultural patterns, the series shows us the mankind (here embodied in the female subject) while getting in touch with the natural spirits that animate myths and legends of every human tradition, such as the Pachamama, goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. The artist has already exhibited worldwide, taking part to exhibitions and art projects in Italy, Spain, Finland, France and United Kingdom. One of Rame 13' murales in Palermo (Sicily, Italy), Il Musicante Marino, has been listed by international renown guide Lonely Planet among the must-sees while visiting the city.
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The Mother

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