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Light Ships Collection is a unique and exclusive digital Illustration that is hand-drawn. Playing with light shapes and geometric forms 111 light ships were born. This Collection consists of 10 illustrations, each illustration is going to have 11, where the first 10 tokens are the still image and the number 11 is the rare token of an animation of the ship.

Anacraft Ship 010


The Anacraft Ship: It's a vehicle that can navigate the sea, it can fly across the sky and it's also a home. A complete ship that has everything you need to travel the universe. It has 5 bedrooms, a very wide kitchen, deposit and control room. It works with solar energy and it has a very good lighting system. A 11x17 inches hand drawn digital illustration.

Anacraft Ship 010

License: Pub/NonComm
Mintedon SolSea
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