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A group of merciless Space-Cat Pirates, cutthroat in tactics but big on heart. The second official digital art collection from cartoonist Ria 'Air' Garcia.

GIA: Ghosted In Action




GIA: Ghosted In Action by Ria 'Air' Garcia - GIA (pronounced Gee-Awe) was originally known as a space-cat pirate called Ethan Fine. After falling in battle to Capt. Ken Bonifidae himself, GIA transitioned to Ghost Form in an effort to avoid passing to the other side. He now reluctantly aids the BB crew in their endeavors whilst simultaneously engaging in his own endless quest to evade all authority and run from all problems. “Everyone has voices in their head: they’re called memories.” Art and words by Ria ‘Air’ Garcia. This piece began life as an original ink drawing.

GIA: Ghosted In Action

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