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This collection is entirely dedicated to the exponentially growing creative process of AI. Less and less the images produced need some human treatment. Over time we will see the evolution of the use of human prompts that allow us to achieve perfection.

#39 Cosmic Capital


"Cosmic Capital" unveils a surreal cosmic tableau where an intrepid astronaut finds himself surrounded by a celestial sea of coins on an alien planet. Against the backdrop of an imposing moon signifying a financial zenith, the astronaut, clad in futuristic gear, stands in contemplation. Despite being amidst vast wealth, the coins shimmering with the potential of interstellar riches, the astronaut's gaze reflects a yearning for even greater cosmic fortunes. The lunar sphere serves as a metaphor for reaching the pinnacle of monetary success, yet the astronaut, fueled by an unyielding ambition, continues to peer into the extraterrestrial abyss, eagerly awaiting the cosmic ascent of his fortune to new, uncharted heights. "Cosmic Capital" becomes a visual allegory, prompting viewers to ponder the relentless pursuit of wealth and the insatiable desire for ever greater monetary peaks in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

#39 Cosmic Capital

License: Pub/NonComm
Mintedon SolSea
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