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"The Sinister Code of Nightmares" collection unveils the darkest visions of Sofia Alves, the author herself. Within this chilling assemblage, Nocturna, a mysterious presence replacing Jocasta, the AI dream-weaver, materializes Sofia's deepest fears. From ethereal phantoms to surreal landscapes, the collection delves into the depths of the human psyche, immersing viewers in an unsettling journey through the shadows. Prepare to confront Sofia Alves' worst nightmares as you explore this captivating fusion of dark art and the haunting mysteries of the subconscious.

#7 Nightmare's Residual Embrace





Waking Up

The Nightmare's Residual Embrace, an evocative painting captures the haunting aftermath of a nightmarish slumber. The artist portrays themselves, awakened and vulnerable in bed, surrounded by the ethereal remnants of the night's terrors. The monster, a symbol of the nightmares' lingering grip on the psyche, stands as a solemn reminder of the unsettling emotions that persist upon waking. Shadows dance upon the walls, casting an eerie atmosphere, while the artist's expression reflects a profound sense of unease and introspection. Through this poignant depiction, the viewer is invited to contemplate the lasting impact of nightmares and the haunting presence they leave behind, even in the light of day.

#7 Nightmare's Residual Embrace

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