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Marking 22 months since russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, we at Helping to Leave are launching a special project: an NFT collection that consists of unique images and real stories of Ukrainians evacuated from areas of military conflict. The number "22" commemorates the 22 months of the ongoing brutal war (as of December 2023) and also represents the year the full-scale invasion began. We prepared our collection in December, yet finalized the minting in January. Therefore, we added one more bonus NFT to the collection to represent the recently passed year 2023 and the ongoing 23rd month of the full-scale invasion. The tokens are priced according to different categories of evacuation case complexity. Purchase an NFT or spread the word to help us evacuate more Ukrainians who need this today.

#2 In The Heat of War



Ukraine, war





Our family is from Mariupol. My wife, a senior nurse in the neuro-resuscitation department, valiantly saved lives, tending to the wounded without hesitation. However, on March 11, tragedy struck – a bullet pierced her left cheek, shattering her lower jaw and wreaking havoc on her face and left hand. On March 16, our house burned down as a result of a direct hit by a shell. Miraculously, we saved our children and parents from the basement. The family business and minibus burned down along with the house. Stranded, we couldn't reach the safety of Ukraine so we had to go to a territory controlled by russia. My wife's colleague took us to Simferopol in Crimea. To add to the anguish, my mother-in-law suffered a stroke due to the relentless chaos. Amid the despair, my wife endured two months of maxillofacial surgery. We aimed to return to Ukraine but had neither the funds nor the opportunity. After weeks of searching, HTL volunteers helped us and evacuated all five of us including a paralyzed grandmother and a dog.


#2 In The Heat of War

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