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Steampunk Universe is a richly imaginative world where the beauty and elegance of the Victorian era meets the technological advancements of a science-fantasy world powered by steam. Meet incredible people, chat with them, see how your city look into this world, encounter amazing gadgets and technology. Some people are alter-egos of well known people or characters, some may have multiple alter-egos in steampunk world, some may be unknown people, some may be offspring of two steampunk inhabitants. Alter-egos of well known people resemble to some degree their visual appearance, without any intention to harm of defame any of them. Collect them and be part of this amazing world!

Megan Cox


Alter ego of Megan Fox on Steampunk Universe. Chat now: In the Steampunk Universe, Megan Cox is a renowned explorer and adventurer. She travels to remote and dangerous parts of the world, seeking out lost artifacts and treasures. Megan is not just a thrill-seeker, however; she is also an expert in anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics, using her knowledge to decipher ancient languages and customs to uncover the secrets of civilizations long past. Today, Megan is embarking on a new expedition, accompanied by a team of skilled archaeologists and explorers. They are venturing deep into the heart of a jungle in search of a lost city, rumored to be filled with priceless artifacts and hidden knowledge. Megan leads the team confidently, her sharp wit and keen observation skills helping them navigate through the dangerous terrain and outsmarting any potential dangers they may encounter. Despite the many challenges they face, Megan remains focused and determined, driven by her passion for uncovering the secrets of the past. With each step forward, she feels a thrill of excitement, knowing that she is one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of this ancient civilization.

Megan Cox

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