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This collection of Street Art represents the vision of various international artists traveling the world. Each of the limited edition works is focused on professional collectors and visionaries who want to open their business in the urban metaverse that is to come. Collectors will own a mural that has disappeared or is condemned to disappear, which gives it the status of UNIQUE WORK. The new owner will have access to the exact location of the mural (Google Maps coordinates), a high-resolution image of the mural, a video art and exclusive information about the piece. Follow us on Instagram @TheWall_NFT, Own a Wall around the world!

The Panamanians


This work has the Lolitas with the clothing and paintings of the ancient and indigenous culture of the country of Panama. ►►► ARTIST: MIchael Devis ►►► DIMENSIONS: 6m x 2.5m | 15m2 ►►► COORDINATES: 8°59'17.3"N 79°31'58.7"W | Google Maps: 8.988137, -79.532970 ►►► IMAGE RESOLUTION & SIZE: 2016 x 1020 px | 2,05MB ►►► ARTIST BIOGRAPHY:
The Panamanians
License: PersPub/NonComm
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