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1/1 NFT paper collages. I buy a cheap Georgian magazine and make as many collages as the issue allows. Sometimes it's hard, but it's my way of fighting overconsumption. Chaos and harmony, beauty and ugliness.

Not just tired




Postpartum depression is a severe condition, which is difficult for me to describe in text. Sleep deprivation, tears, screaming, anger. All I can do to reflect it is to do something visual. So be it, but it has to be talked about. Being a parent is not how society describes it to you or shows it in the movies. I think the truth about the difficulties young parents may face is necessary, otherwise the real thing can crush your hopes and expectations. Happiness doesn't just appear out of nowhere. It is a long-term process in which you will see an opening through your own broken ego. By accepting your new circumstances, perhaps you will have joy. It takes time, though not everyone has a change of heart. And that's okay.

Not just tired

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