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There are 37 art pieces, a techno-social landscape divided into 12 groups of 3 These pieces use layered overlays, that carry deeper symbolic interpretations. Each art piece, through its intricate use of overlays, tells a unique story. Some narratives lean toward optimism and positivity (☺), while others delve into the realms of dark ambition and malevolence (☹). The distinction becomes evident through: Neon Lights: The "smiley" neon light, a beacon of hope and good intent; juxtaposed against the "eat all" neon light, which cautions against unchecked desires. Teeth: Graffiti of emojis with normal or no teeth signify contentment and innocence, while sharp teeth mark predatory instincts and potential harm. Ferrofluid represents the mutable, shape-shifting nature of reality in this age. Emoji circuits underscore the integration of digital emotion into daily life. Vehicles, possibly autonomous and AI-driven, signify progress, but also the potential dangers of unchecked technological advancement and ... greed. And at the core of these layers are the emojis – smiley and angry. They represent the overarching theme of intent: good or bad. Rarity & Uniqueness: Given the diverse overlays and the distinctive aesthetic elements, certain pieces are rarer than others. Factors influencing rarity include overlay combinations and character narrative. All graffiti elements/Illustrations were made in VR using 'King'spray' App. Characters were AI Generated using 'Midjourney' and overlay and graffiti edits on Photoshop. A Narrative of Dualities: At its essence, the "Eat All" project is a contemplative exploration of the dualities that exist within progress and ambition. It poses crucial questions: In a world driven by digital augmentation and AI logic, how do we define our morals? Where do we draw the line between sustenance and greed? And most importantly, as technology embeds itself deeper into our psyche, will our intentions remain human, or will they be digitally edited?... what? Blending art with deep-seated symbolism and using contrasted digital tools, have a look, immerse, question, and perhaps choose a side. The first one is part of a VR exhibition DMHD?.




14"x32" - 300dpi - Print





Singularity Glam Endless possibilities turned into one. ☺ Always Watching. △


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