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POSTCARDS FROM UKRAINE brand-new series by digital artist Tamara Safarova comes from the artist’s need to depict Ukrainian cities as they were before the Russian invasion. Characterised by joyful patterns and bright palettes, the series stresses nonetheless the horrific tragedy which is now happening in Ukraine, by keeping the memory of places that are now ravaged by Russian bombings. Originally meant to express the pain of the artist, these illustrations are now memorabilia of a beautiful country, and advocate its right to be soon in peace again. Postcards from Ukraine was born as series and the artworks can not be consider singularly. Conversely, the observer shall approach them as an unique, long, journey throughout Ukrainian landscapes and cities, to get the maximum effect the artist was meant to channel through it. Also, in light of The Pinna’ mission, Safarova has decided to invest half of the gallery share from the incomes to the Fund for the Restoration of Destroyed Property and Infrastructure in Ukraine.
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