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1/1 NFT paper collages. This collection consists of personal experiences and emotions that I tried to use scissors and glue to cut out of the flesh of the gloss. Roughly cut chaos and sticky bits of order cut from cheap glamour magazines. As usual: from one magazine as many collages as possible.

The Doors of Perception






(A collage from GQ magazine about doors that anyone can open. ) We look from the bottom up. Everything that happens here happens inside one person. Numerical and incalculable. Logic and imagination. Numbers and imagination. West and East. Left hemisphere and right. I read Huxley's book of the same name after the completion of this work, but how beautifully he described everything, how precisely he chose the words for this transcendent state. The child holding the hand of the man is the guide. A guide to the world of art, art is a guide to the world of the beautiful, the beautiful to the transcendent and vice versa. Everything is in everything, and everything is in reality everyone. When the doors are opened, the eyes are torn away.

The Doors of Perception

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