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The Yoruba Gods NFT project tells a powerful story of Africanism, but this time, the focus is on the Yorùbá culture. YG NFT 1.0: 5 out of the great 401 Yorùbá gods, here to remind YOU though flawed and human, YOU are perfect and a god, look within, all that YOU seek is inside YOU, Only IF YOU are ready. ARE YOU READY TO STEP TO YOUR GOD?

Sango Dazzling Stance #9




Sango is among the most revered Oyo deities within the Yoruba culture. Through the depiction of the colours white and red, to portray coolness (white) and power of Sango (red), effectively portraying Sango’s calm and collected mind that works in coalition with his energetic and powerful actions. Sango Dazzling Stance #9

Sango Dazzling Stance #9

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