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The wind rustles the leaves among the mountain rocks. Silence whispers to you among the high mountains about eternity and the inviolability of being. You only hear the echo in the mountains. You are alone. In this silence you are alone. This silence is endless. These mountains are eternal. These rocks are unshakable. And this wind is eternal. But you know it's not. You feel like you're alone in this silence. Actually, you are not alone. You have always been with this wind, with these mountains, with the whole world. You were happy with them. Now you are alone again. As always. Only now this loneliness seems endless. Everything was so long ago that it seems that it did not exist at all.


You listen to them and they tell you what is happening in the world. But the wind cannot tell you, because the wind is just the wind. And you cannot tell him, because he is only the wind, and you are only a man.
Among the silence
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