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Kymri is a world with 3D avatars, houses, cars and X. They come from drawing, paintings or just move out from the nature, the flame, the table ... I see them everywhere. Kymri Stumps are 3D avatars made of stumps. Info when buying code: In Unlockable Content is a PDF with contents from files used (.x3d, readme.txt and images) . They are stored in Arweave and you got a link to download the files. The X3DOM code is free to be used. For information about X3DOM see





3D animation


3D avatar


1854 - 910


going out from a stump




Javascript, Html, X3DOM


Grey, white, black, red, orange,red

Video: Romine Stump walking out of the stump . She is a Kymri Stumps . Romine Stump is from the same stump as Ramme Stump. Ramme Stump called to me in Vestby in Norway. He wanted to become a 3D avatar. After I had made Ramme Stump, a friend of mine also saw Romine in the stump. Kymri Stumps are 3D avatars made of stumps. I see them everywhere and take pictures. This is a video but in Unlockable Content all .x3d files and html files are in a zip file together with the images used. I use html, javascript and X3DOM. X3DOM is a framework for integrating and manipulating X3D scenes as HTML5/DOM elements. See and 3D animation is recorded with FlashBack Pro 5 Unlockable content in DarkBlock for Romine Stump #2 Video and X3DOM content images armsLegs.x3d body.x3d eyes.x3d licence.txt mouth.x3d nouse.x3d readme.txt stump.html Using MIT licence from 27 sep 2022

Romine Stump #2 Video and X3DOM

License: Pub/NonComm
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