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See Kymri is a world with 3D avatars, houses, cars and X. They come from drawing, paintings or just move out from the nature, the flame, the table ... I see them everywhere. Kymri Stumps are 3D avatars made of stumps. Info when buying code: In Unlockable Content is a PDF with contents from files used (.x3d, readme.txt and images) . They are stored in Arweave and you got a link to download the files. The X3DOM code is free to be used. For information about X3DOM see



3D animation


3D avatar




Going together

Together 3D Snow Lady, BlueMan and Jakob Moss are from Kymri 3D avatars. They will go into the new year 2024 together and find out everything that are hidden for them. The 3D animation is created using X3DOM, see I have upload the X3DOM code Lady and images to Ardrive and you got a url to the code. I shared the drive Together

Together 3D

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