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Beta Book Cover Rare


This is the cover of David Hearne's novel, The Case of the Notorious Roboticist, that never went live. It's one of a kind and will never be available again. Visit David's website at to find out more. This cover depicts what's inside the book, a cyberpunk, sci-fi noir thriller where bias in artificial intelligence threatens Moroz, our Russian protagonist. Isadora, whiz programmer and misandrist, lurks dangerously in the background. The screenplay version was the winner of the AFIN International Film Festival and Changing Face in 2020 and the novel has been very popular on the Indie scene (check out Hopefully this will be made into a feature film one day. The feature screenplay was also a finalist a the Byron Bay International Film Festival in 2019. This collection is offered by David Hearne directly who has purchased the copyright for all of these images to be used as book covers and now, rare NFTs.
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Beta Book Cover Rare
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